Movers are here

Movers got here this morning and we are about 2/3 finished packing the truck.  Lloyd was up and gone to feed early.  The movers are very efficient.  Since most of our furniture is oak that we are moving, it is very heavy.  They are really nice guys.  I’ve put the open stuff in my car.  The stuff that didn’t lend itself to packing in boxes.  Now they are getting things out of the master bedroom and having to turn corners.  And that furniture is REALLY heavy.

I’ve got furniture being delivered at the other house between 11:30-1:30 so Billy thinks they will be finished here by then.  This is hard.  The first step to retirement.  When did we get to be this age?  Age is a sneaky thing.

We will stay in Springfield tonight and be back out here tomorrow.  I have to move the computer and get it reset up.  I didn’t want to mess with it now.  I have the iPad and that will suffice for this weekend.  I’ll have to decide tomorrow whether I stay here and clean up or spend time putting things away at Cherry Hills.

Keep us in your prayers, this is a big transition for us.


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