All that is going to get packed is packed.  I was able to finish what I needed to do at school early and come home and spent several hours packing the kitchen.  I was surprised at all the things I needed to go through and decide about.  Cleaned some things out also, more later.  Then packed a few things in the bath in shoe boxes so they could set on the countertop until Friday night.

After that I got the yard mowed, hummingbird feeders cleaned and refilled and am now working on the laundry.  I’m slowly gaining ground on my list.

I found patio furniture at Overstock and looked around the web for other pricing and it was a good price and I liked it.  It will be here next week.  I’ll have to put it together but I’ve done that before.  Not a big problem.

I need to measure one space in the living room to see what size of a dining server to put there.  It is bare under the TV and I found one I like but don’t know if it will fit.  My house is just going to be a mixture of woods, styles, etc.  It will be eclectic!  Lighter furniture seems to be coming back but the design is more Quaker.  It is square and blocked and has a more country finish.  Interesting.

Tomorrow is a busy day and Saturday starts early as the movers arrive at 7 am.  And we will be off and running.  Then just to unpack and get organized, again!  I think the hard work is finished.  I’ll be at the farm on the weekends and have loads of clearing out to do.  The basement will be pretty empty so I can pile unwanted, unneeded things there until I can dispose of them!


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